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Industrial production error monitoring reinvented

VISENSE is a remote error monitoring and diagnosis solution that provides you with real-time insights into industrial production errors.

VISENSE uses visual data and machine learning to provide you with a pre-analysed database on production incidents. We allow machine experts to replay and investigate the exact moment of a production incident and support root cause identification by enriching the visual information through sensor data and machine learning based anomaly detection.



Experience the full benefits of digital error diagnosis

VISENSE supports you in digitalizing your processes around machine error diagnostics, acting as an information transfer from shopfloor to office floor.

Fast Production
Error Diagnosis

A 50% decrease in time needed to identify and resolve errors will free up valuable worker capacity.

Improved Machine

Faster ramp-up & handover, through the targeted elimination of teething troubles.

Decreased Travel Requirements

Decreased need for travel of machine experts to remote production sites through remote access.

Improved Machine

Better production quality and higher machine availability through repeat error prevention.

Automated Information Exchange

Faster reporting and improved collaboration through automated information exchange.

Easier Employee Onboarding

The systemization and digitalization of know-how allows for faster employee onboarding and handover.

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How it works 

Hardware Deployment

Connect the camera system, sensors and edge computing

device to the machine in a quick and non-intrusive set-up (15 minutes)

Visual Data Generation

The system automatically records and sequences video footage from several perspectives, showing machine errors occurring during the production process.

Enrichment / AI Analysis

The footage gets enriched with sensor data and machine learning models, directly at the machine. Intelligent anomaly detection is performed. 

Diagnostic Support

The intuitive dashboard enables remote error analysis through and enhances the communication needed to

solve the problem efficiently and precisely.