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Industrial machine error
diagnosis reinvented

VISENSE is a vision-based error diagnosis solution that provides you with real-time insights into industrial machine errors.

VISENSE uses visual data and machine learning to provide you with a pre-analyzed visual database on machine incidents. We allow your machine experts to replay and investigate the exact moment an incident happened and support root cause identification by enriching the visual information with state-of-the-art machine-learning-based anomaly detection and clustering features.


How does it work?

Setting up VISENSE takes only a few minutes. See how it works.  


The customer’s machine operators install the VISENSE Hardware Kit within minutes without having to integrate the MES / SCADA.

Data Acquisition &

After the installation, the system automatically records, detects & saves the relevant machine errors from several perspectives. 

Machine Learning Analysis

Next, the video data is checked for anomalies using machine learning algorithms and categorized by error type, in order to quickly get crucial information.


In the VISENSE Dashboard, incidents are managed and counter measurement processes are digitized to enable efficient remediation.

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Improved Machine

Faster ramp-up & handover, through the targeted elimination of teething troubles.

Experience the full benefits of digital error diagnosis

Whether you are ramping up a new machine or want to observe an underperforming one - VISENSE will reveal the weak spots of your production equipment. Furthermore, VISENSE supports you in digitalizing your processes around machine error diagnostics, acting as an information transfer from the shop floor to the office floor.

Accelerate Machine
Error Diagnosis

A 50% decrease in time needed to identify and resolve errors will free up valuable worker capacity.

Digitalize your

Central processes such as reporting, ramp-up measures, and counter measurements are digitized in order to accelerate the daily work around the machines.


Communication between employees is standardized and unified to a single system to address machine errors more efficiently.


Through overall downtime reduction, productivity increases & less waste is produced as the machines run more efficiently.

Enable Remote

Remote access to plants is becoming more and more important. 

VISENSE provides a database to trouble-shoot machines remotely and avoids costly business trips.

At VISENSE, we are passionate about enabling you to identify errors more efficiently.

Be at the forefront of industrial innovation. Reach out today to schedule a demo or set up a call to answer your questions.

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